Brewing is part of Leuven’s DNA

Leuven would not be Leuven without its rich beer culture. Since 1366, people have been brewing in the ancient brewery De Hoorn. In the early 18th century, a master-brewer named Sébastien Artois bought the brewery and gave it his name. In 1926, the brewing family produced a Christmas beer named Stella (star in Latin). Stella Artois was born. Today, De Hoorn is, amongst others, a unique location to host conferences.

Beer & Knowledge

Along with the expansion of the brewery, the university of Leuven was founded in 1425. Research and development at the university resulted in a more scientific approach of the brewing process. High-tech labs are constantly changing the world of beer by improving new flavours and brewing processes. The Leuven Institute for Beer Research (LIBR) is a department at the university, providing research for productivity, quality and innovation of the brewing industry. The Global Innovation and Technology Centre (GITEC) of AB InBev, located in Leuven, strives to improve the taste, quality, packaging and sustainability of their products.

At this moment, the brewing company AB InBev, which still produces Stella Artois, has become the largest brewing company in the world.

More than 50.000 students increase the population of Leuven every year. At the Oude Markt, also called The longest bar in the world, they occasionally enjoy their favourite beverage in one of the many pubs. The square counts more than 30 bars and is the epicentre of the vibrant student life.

Experience Beer

Alongside the Stella Artois brewery, Leuven is also home to smaller craft beer breweries such as Domus, De Kroon and De Vlier. There are plenty of ways to discover the city’s beer culture. Brewery visits, beer tours in the city and tasting sessions belong to the possibilities. Additionally, multiple restaurants offer menus with matching beers.

Beer in Leuven