A sustainable event in Leuven? Tick these boxes!

Green events are destined to become the standard in Leuven. Just by choosing Leuven, you tick an important box.

Let’s not forget, a sustainable event is simply good business practice too. Your audience cares about sustainability. Your efforts will be noticed; enhancing your brand, building your reputation, and proving that social and ecological responsibility is something you take seriously.

And while it’s easy to make small sustainable changes in your personal lives; planning an eco-friendly conference or event means looking at the bigger picture. We will assist you in making your event sustainable.

Choose for Leuven, tick the following boxes and you will reach your sustainability goals in no-time!

First things first

Think about sustainability early on, even in the early stages of your planning process.

Some of the first planning decisions you make, like the city and the venue, can make the biggest impact on your event sustainability.

Choose wisely

Travel and transport

The single most impactful choice you can make for a greener event is where you host it. Travel to and from your event is the single biggest contributor to your event’s carbon footprint. Air traffic in general generates an enormous ecological footprint.

  • Develop a sustainable travel policy
  • Choose a green city with a focus on sustainability
  • Choose a venue easily reachable by foot, bike or public transport

Good food, less waste

  • The right supllier
  • Ethical coffee breaks

Conference material

Make it easy for your attendees to go paperless. Invest in a conference app instead of producing booklets or tons of print material. Still, when you do need to print material, use recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and dyes, and a local supplier to keep delivery emissions low. Search for reusable solutions in terms of signage.

Social program

Focus on experiences, not on gadgets. Plan a social program within the host city, do not book busses to transport your attendees to crowded touristic highlights. Instead, allow your participants to enjoy the city they are in. Give them some free time to explore the surroundings, to wander around and discover the local bars, restaurant, shops and businesses.

Parting gift

Connections and future collaborations are the best parting gift of a conference or event. Still, if you do include a parting gift at your event, make sure your gift bag or goodie bag is sustainable.
Now that you have ticked all these boxes, your eco-friendly venture in Leuven is about to begin!

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©Karl Bruninx