Caring for people in healthcare

At the beginning of February 2020 the second World interRai conference was held in Leuven.

300 participants from all over the world shared experiences in developing and implementing interRAI instruments (internationally validated assessment instruments) in health care environments. At the centre of their attention was the nationwide launch of BelRAI, the implementation of interRAI instruments in Belgium.

Keynote talks, symposia, presentations and poster sessions were offered at the Medical Faculty in the University Hospital UZ Leuven. Participants discussed care planning, care delivery, quality improvement, health system management and policy development.

Policy, practice and evidence-based research were thus brought together at the wonderful setting of Leuven. The second World interRAI Conference was a success, a game changer in the field of health, care and tech.

'The efforts of Belgian governments and organisations, should get more recognition. We're less prone to blow our horn than many other countries. But I think it's important to make the public aware of what we're doing.

- Prof. dr. Anja Declercq, KU Leuven