Fiber Society Spring 2022 Conference was held in Leuven

From 30th May until 1st June the Fiber Society's spring 2022 Conference took place in the city centre of Leuven. The conference was hosted by Prof. David Seveno, Prof. Aart Van Vuure, and Dr. Carlos Fuentes.

The conference takes place twice a year, in Europe or Asia in spring and in the USA in fall. The Society’s conferences attract an international group of individuals representing all areas of fiber science, gathered to exchange new ideas and discoveries through oral talks, poster presentations, exhibits, and social engagements.

We asked Prof. David Seveno, a few questions about organizing the conference in Leuven.

Why did you chose to organize this conference in Leuven?
Being located in the centre of Europe and having a long standing scientific history focusing on the development of fibre reinforced polymer materials made Leuven a perfect place to host a conference about fibres.

What everybody should know about Leuven is...
Leuven is a unique combination of science and engineering brought by the university intermingled with an extremely rich history and culture.

What did you or your participants enjoy most about their stay in Leuven?
The conference venue was the Maria-Theresia College which is located in the city centre. Hotels, cafés, restaurants, museums, and the train station are all within maximum 10 minutes of walking. This is certainly a plus to favour formal and informal discussions.