Leuven in top 5 of European Best Destination 2022!

Leuven has been chosen as one of the five top destinations of Europe in 2022. Leuven also officially holds the title of 'European Best Open-Minded Destination'.

In total Leuven received 48.000 votes from 77 countries. Leuven ends up in 5th place after Ljubljana (Slovenia), Marbella (Spain), Amiens (France) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). It is the best belgian ranking ever!

Best Open-Minded Destination
Leuven was also chosen as the 'Best Open-Minded Destination' in Europe.

Open-minded destinations are making the concept of “living together” a reality and success. It are destinations that have a tolerant and welcoming society where openness and inclusion benefit everyone.

Leuven is the Belgian miracle! It is the choice of unity in diversity rather than division. It is the celebration of diversity and cultural richness. It is a city where everyone is welcome with their culture, their gastronomy, own projects and creativity.

About European Best Destinations
European Best Destinations is a European organisation established to promote culture and tourism in Europe. In cooperation with the EDEN network, a list of the best destinations is drawn up every year. The EDEN network, affiliated to the European Commission, promotes sustainable tourism.