Navigating the seas of conference organization at IAPCO Edge 2024.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of organizing a professional conference? Let us take you on a little journey into the challenging, yet exciting world of Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs).

Iapco Edge 2024

These unsung heroes of the event industry face a multitude of challenges - tight deadlines, budget constraints, and the occasional seemingly impossible client wish. With intense competition, finding the right staff can be a hurdle, and dealing with late registrations can add to the complexity. It's a daily juggling act, requiring them to be versatile problem-solvers.

Enter the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) - the beacon of hope for PCOs worldwide. Recently, Leuven Convention Bureau had the privilege of attending the annual IAPCO Edge program in the beautiful city of Antwerp. This program is a lifeline for both junior and senior PCO staff, offering an intensive, up-to-date training regimen. The program was not just informative but also a great networking opportunity.

For a convention bureaus like ours, staying attuned to the latest trends and challenges for PCOs is invaluable. It enables us to provide optimal support, ensuring their conferences reach the destination successfully and aiding in crafting creative programs that align with objectives, budget constraints, and client wishes.

During the program, we delved into some burning topics like the latest trends in the meeting industry, impactful bidding strategies, sustainability in meetings, the significance of budgeting in the pre-bidding phase, client and people management, the importance of preparation, and perhaps most importantly, maintaining mental resilience.

A standout session was delivered by Tourism Flanders on the concept of "congress legacy", shedding light on the lasting impact conferences can have.

We left the event with a plethora of resolutions, fresh ideas, and much food for thought.

Big thanks to the fantastic IAPCO Edge faculty, Tourism Flanders, Semico and the Antwerp Convention Bureau for setting up this phenomenal event. It's events like these that fuel our passion for the industry, connecting us with like-minded individuals and encourage a community of motivated professionals.