Centrally located in Europe
and the vicinity of Brussels
International airport


  • Only a 15 min train ride from Brussels National Airport!
  • Leuven is a small-sized city, all locations are within walking distance.
  • One of the most sustainable and healthy cities in Europe with traffic-free zones and outstanding cycling infrastructure.
  • An extensive bus network provides extra mobility within the city boundaries of Leuven.

Bringing your conference to Leuven allows you to immerse it in a safe but vibrant university town, using the ample facilities of the university and working with a dedicated team of conference organizing professionals.

- Prof. Luk Warlop - President European Marketing Academy

'In 2015 we organised the annual conference of the European Marketing Academy in Leuven (EMAC). It is a large conference, with 900+ participants over 4 days. It features plenaries, poster sessions, up to 15 parallel sessions at the same time, lots of smaller committee meetings, and a doctoral student consortium.'

professor Luk Warlop - president of the European Marketing Academy testifies: 'All activities were held in KU Leuven buildings, located within a radius of about 200 meters in the centre of Leuven, using lecture halls and seminar rooms for the conference sessions, and making maximum use of the attractive historical locations for the more prestigious conference activities like the opening reception, the keynote speech and the award sessions.
The closing conference dinner was held in a huge tent on the lawn in front of the Arenberg Castle.'