A vibrant student city with a rich beer culture

Leuven is an awesome place to study.
Every year at the end of September, the Leuven population of over 100.000 inhabitants grows by 57.000 future bachelors and masters, creating a young and vibrant atmosphere.
16% are international students, coming from all over the world. With Leuven as the hometown of the world-famous pils beer Stella Artois and with as many as 240 pubs, students rarely get bored.

Oude Markt © Karl Bruninx

Paying a visit to the Oude Markt, for example, is like pulling up a chair at the longest bar in Europe.

The Oude Markt truly is a unique square.
Nowhere else you can find as many pubs, bars and cafes gathered in one place. It is Leuven’s meeting place par excellence, particularly in warm weather when the numerous terraces quickly fill up.

A lot of students continue to live in Leuven, after graduation because they fall in love with the city or a fellow student, making Leuven a truly international young hub.